Now, looking back on my transition phase last year, I see so clearly how it was worth it. All the pain, all the emotional ups and downs, all the searching for the unknown.

But while I was in my transition, I kept forgetting my reasons for being it, again and again. There were so many moments when I asked myself: why the hell am I doing this to me? What am I doing here? Why don’t I just get a job? Maybe I should just quit this, go home, do something else, get to work…

That usually seemed like the easiest way out: making myself busy. Busy feels so good when you have nothing going on in your life. Yet, one of the main reasons I wanted to be in a transition was to not be busy, to let the craziness of busy life quiet away and let me re-connect with what I really want to do in life.

1 pager worksheet to help you remember why you’re in it and why it’s worth it

So to help people remember why they are in transition, we developed this simple 1 pager for our last transition workshop in Lisbon. The idea is that you fill in the worksheet in a moment of strength and clarity, and that you bring it back and look at it again when you’re feeling lost and low. Download a PDF copy here.

Download PDF copy here. Design by Mansi Gupta.

The worksheet has 3 parts

  1. Why did I originally decided to go into a transition (the entry point) and where do I want to end up (the goals = the exit point).
  2. The transition as a strategic investment: it is easy to look at the transition phase as bad situation you’re in that you need to get through asap. However, in moments of clarity, it becomes clear that the transition is something much more: it is a strategic investment into yourself, your happiness, your growth, your path in the world. This section of the 1 pager allows you to look at how much you’re willing to invest and why it’s worth it.
  3. The alternatives: when I was in a bad place in my transition, I kept thinking about my alternatives. Why didn’t I just go and do an MBA, or get a job, or go traveling? They seemed easier and sometimes better solutions. This section asks you to list your alternative options and makes you reflect, why ultimately you chose a transition.

You can download a PDF copy here.

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Hi, I’m Fabian, a Swiss community builder & entrepreneur. Last year, I went through a transition: I left my last startup with no idea what would come next, but with the intention of not just stumbling into the next thing, but to consciously figure it out. My year of transition became one of the most powerful moments of my life, I learned a ton and I did figure out what I wanted to do next. This blog is my attempt to capture what I have learned during my last year of transition, to become better at “transitioning” and share it with my friends. You’ll find more stories and insights at If you want to be notified of new transition related posts, sign up here. If you’re in transition or interested in learning more about transitioning, join our Facebook group where we share ideas and best practice. And if you have any thoughts or feedback, please email me pforti at gmail or message me on Twitter — thank you and I hope your own transitions are going well!


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