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We are a group of friends who love building communities. We believe that as society we are facing incredibly complex challenges that no one organization or person can solve alone. We will have to address them together in community. But how do communities work and how can we build more meaningful communities in this world? That’s the question that keeps us up at night.

We don’t know yet what Together wants to be when it grows up. Maybe a collective of community builders. Maybe a non-profit dedicated to better understanding togetherness. Maybe an open-source training for community builders. Or maybe all of the above? The road will reveal itself as we walk down this path. For now, we are trying to learn as much about communities as possible and this is the place where we share our observations with the world.

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Do you work with communities and have you observed something that you think will help others out there build stronger communities? Please email us at team@together.is – thank you in advance!

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Fabian Pfortmüller

Fabian Pfortmüller is a community builder based in NYC. He runs COMMUNITY, an advisory firm that helps organizations build meaningful communities and he is Innovator in Residence for the Kauffman Foundation. Together with Sascha he co-authored the Community Canvas. In the past he co-founded Sandbox, a global community for young changemakers and Holstee, a lifestyle brand known for its monthly subscription and the Holstee Manifesto.

pforti@gmail.com | @pforti | pforti.com


Sascha Mombartz

Sascha Mombartz is a designer and community builder based in NYC. He co-authored the Community Canvas with Fabian, and recently founded CloseKnit – a platform for community builders. He’s also the founder of the Office for Visual Affairs – a branding and user experience design studio in New York. He previously worked at the New York Times, Google’s Creative Lab, and co-founded startups in retail, tech and travel.

s@closeknit.co | @supermombartz | closeknit.co